Monday, April 23, 2012

Classic San Francisco

    Well, Saturday and Sunday were both supposed to be light, but windy was what we got! Two of the most beautiful city front days, one sunny, one foggy. Great upwind workout, and really working on finding a rhythm downwind.

Notes on upwind sailing:
(this is really to help me remember to do this stuff, but I hope you can use it.)

  • Foot for speed, but use it to gain height - always work up when you can.
  • Do the Luke move / fish wiggle / torking / knock the bow down for speed thing.
  • Keep your cockpit dry.
  • Look upwind and anticipate the puffs - make your adjustments early!
  • Pay attention to the big picture, keep your head out of the boat.
  • If you are fast, don't sail away from the fleet, be conservative tactically.
  • Get your hiking strap set just right before the start.
  • Weight out, shoulders out, don't be lazy hike harder (when it's windy).

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