Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sage Advice

I've been told some great words of wisdom recently while preparing for the worlds. This comes from very experienced sailors:
"Fight your own laziness. It's easy to sit around and do nothing in between races. Don't waste time that you can use collecting information. Do splits upwind before each start with someone (e.g. for two minutes). Try to do it two or three times for each race. When you cross, get together and discuss why. You can also do this with each of you starting at the opposite ends of the line to find out which end is favored and by how much." 
- (Coach) Peter Shope

"Sail hard till the last minute. Sail smart. Know where you stand going into the last race." 
- Chris Boome 

"If you look to windward and the boats on the same tack as you are lifted, tack." 
- Jon Andron

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