Sunday, April 22, 2012

Note to Self - Things to Remember on the Water


  • Get on the gybe that makes it easiest to surf waves.
  • Get on the gybe where you are by the lee and pointing the most towards the mark.
  • Keep clear air and sail fast angles, but don't sail more distance than you have too.
  • Don't forget to do up-turns
  • Look at your leech! Make your vang just right.
  • Press to leward (with your feet) as often as you can.
  • Keep pressure on the mainsheet.
  • Look behind for breeze.
  • Neutral helm - steer with weight - don't heel too much when you are going straight.
  • Be aware - keep your head out of the boat!
  • On a crowded line, get there early and let the hole develop.
  • Look over your shoulder for potential hole stealers.
  • Pay attention to the fleet dynamic, don't forget how it changes on a black flag.
  • Keep your cool! Don't get flustered if other people yell at you or whine.
  • Be confident and selfish.
  • Start like Paige - Full speed on the line at the gun. Don't get too close to early.
  • Protect your numbers.
More to come later, time to go sailing! Great breeze on the city front yesterday, hoping for the same today.


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