Thursday, May 17, 2012

Races 5 and 6

Best results today, not quite good enough to make the gold fleet though.

Todays races are blending into a blur of hiking, being psyched with my position, and dissapointed with some mistakes.

Race 5 was good overall, I managed to put together a good race without any major blunders, although still losing boats downwind.

Race 6 - The start was super pin favored after two generals and a black flag. I was in the pile of boats close to the pin, but up a little. It was so hard to hold space, and my start was not that great. I sailed to the left in the pack, thought we looked okay, but lost to the boats coming in from the right at the top. Still in an okay position, gybed to port with the rest of the fleet for the downwind, and flipped about halfway down the run. Sooo mad. I got to the gate and forgot we had another lap to go. I banged the right corner thinking it was a persistent shift, which was a good call, but I went too far and overstood by a mile. Caught a bunch of boats, but was mad at myself for wasting so much. Sailed fast on the reaches, and only lost one boat downwind. 

Now the goal is to win the silver fleet.

Sailing out

 Pre start

Getting a line sight

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